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Relax Into Birth
Relax Into Birth
She's been niggling the whole day...
On WhatsApp we chat and I encourage.

"Surrender dear mama,
Trust the process.
Breathe love down to your baby.
You've got this!
It's finally happening"

On call tonight...
waiting... waiting...
Anticipating her call.
It comes at 3.15am and
suddenly I'm a doula again -
After a day of Lego, cupcakes and Harry Potter with my boy.

"You can do this.
Breathe... slowly and deeply.
I can come to you now if you like?
I am here for you...
whatever turn it takes."

A woman on her journey to birth:
The gateway to motherhood.

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Relax Into Birth
The Midwife
Glynnis Garrod is a midwife turned activist, who advocates for both a mothers right to choose on how she would like to give birth, as well as the rights of m...
Relax Into Birth
Relax Into Birth
What a beautiful share of midwife-lead births with the @Birth Options Midwifery Team. Thank you Kim for sharing your birth stories and for the shout out for Relax Into Birth too❤️

Relax Into Birth
Relax Into Birth
Angela the Midwife was also my midwife for my son's birth in 2011. Such heartfelt love for this woman, who was my midwife, but is also my friend too ❤️❤️
Relax Into Birth
Relax Into Birth
The Birth Options Midwives Sue, Louette , Angela ..and Glynnis , are feeling so loved and supported . Thank you each and every one for your messages and good will .

We also send a huge thanks to the Obstetricians who have been supportive , of us and our clients, even in these difficult times , especially Dr Woldu , Dr Jacky Searle , Dr Kate Elliot and Dr Salma Isaacs .

Angela has decided she will continue to offer home births ( with Government maternity back up ) on her own from July ..
So going back to being Angela the Midwife !
Sue and Louette are still weighing up their options .