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Relax Into Birth
Relax Into Birth
New research shows that a blanket approach to prescribing medication during pregnancy may put low birth weight babies at risk for the rest of their lives.
Relax Into Birth
Relax Into Birth
Petra is a very strong mama who I met when she was pregnant with her first baby. Firm and determined, she never gave up all through her two birth experiences. It was lovely getting to know her as a mama also living in the Valley and this is the story of her second birth, where she attempted a VBAC. Thank you Petra for sharing your story!

I met Charlene in 2015 while pregnant with our first. My husband and I attended her hypnobirthing antenatal course. We were very keen on a natural birth and even changed service providers from a doctor to a midwife after doing a lot of research and weighing up all our options.

Unfortunately, our baby had other plans and presented in Frank breech, which is a breech position with the legs extended straight up towards the head. We were told by our supporting gynae that there was no chance of a natural delivery, and so we ended up scheduling a c-section. Our baby had other plans again: I went into labour the night before the c-section date, and our daughter was born by emergency caesarean at 03:30 in the morning.

3 ½ years later we found out that we were expecting again and to our delight our gynae suggested a vbac without us even asking. We agreed that this would be our preferred birth option, provided that everything was favourable.

I have a deep desire inside of me to birth my babies, and not just be delivered of them, which is why I felt somewhat “left out” with the c-section birth of our first child. And this time around I was determined to make sure that this baby would not be positioned in breech!

The pregnancy progressed well, without any complications and our baby turned head down and stayed head down – I was so thrilled!

We decided to make contact with Charlene for a refresher course, and chose her as our doula, to ensure that we have someone by our side who knows her way around natural birth.
Relax Into Birth
Relax Into Birth
Her lover's hands
Hold hers...
Hold her belly; their baby.
She is transitioning quickly,
Their baby is crowning.
She pushes and growls,
Power flows through her
Like a surge of electricity,
Pulsing her body,
Moving her baby down, down, down...
And out, out, out...
She leans back her body against his, and he is wet with perspiration forming around his face, his chest.
The room is so warm and humid.
He watches, trying to see their baby emerge, as she roars once more.
My doula heart watches on, as their love for each other now makes another turn,
towards their baby emerging.
Their eyes fixated, streaming love, on a human of their making...
A product of their love for one another, now embedded in small hands, tiny feet and a soft, vernix-laden body.
What more could we ask for, but love?
What more is there, but love?
Love, oxytocin, love, oxytocin...
Mother. Father. Baby.
Let it flow,
Let it grow,
Gratitude for the miracle of life and family.
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Relax Into Birth
Relax Into Birth
Ruwa was nervous at our first meeting. Soft-spoken, she asked about my role as a doula for her birth. I walked with her in pregnancy and birth and when she went into labour, I met her at the hospital. Her birth changed everything. She was shown how powerful her birthing body was and that she could do anything. Here is her story of the birth of her son… "My name is Ruwarashe and I am 21-years-old and I come from Zimbabwe. I’m currently studying at UCT. I became pregnant in September 2018. Pregnancy was going to be a hard journey for me, as I didn’t understand anything about birth and even worse, I was a long way from home where I had friends and family to guide and support me. In Cape Town, I have little support. So many people recommended I get a doula, especially since I felt quite isolated in Cape Town without my family near."
Relax Into Birth
Relax Into Birth
Mom and baby move
Through their labour of love.
It is unrelenting and her body tremors with exertion.
Not once does she cave,
Not once does she give up!
One surge after another she presses on... And on... And on...
Her labour meanders fiercely down a different path,
And a necessary caesarean is called.
Yet, she continues fighting.
Her body!
Her mind!
Her spirit!
She does not give up.
There is more than one way for her baby to be born:
And this is her baby's way.
Yes, not always in alignment with hopes, intentions and affirmations...
And, her baby girl also has her own path to follow.
Her birth path...
Her life path.
There's no wrong or right way:
it just is.
Words: #charleneyaredwest #relaxintobirth https://buff.ly/2EWEKcT
Relax Into Birth
Relax Into Birth
The power of each surge
Flows through me
Like water.
Washing off my skin,
Taking my breath away,
Bringing forth life… And
Opening me up.
Stripping away the layers and layers
Of holding back
I leave my body
Surrendering and merging with my baby’s soul
Hovering around me.
Come my love I say…
It’s time. Let’s emerge together…
As a baby is born
A mother is born also.
*Words: #charleneyaredwest #relaxintobirth