Keryn Tsimitakopoulos
Baby Nikolas born on February 5th, 2015 weighing 3.01 kg
Place of Birth: Kingsbury Hospital


Keryn and beautiful baby Nikolas.

After a couple of years of intensive fertility treatments, we wanted to try keep our pregnancy and birthing experience as relaxed and natural as possible. We were fortunate to meet Charlene at one of our prenatal classes and decided that we’d like to have her with us on the big day. She is so calm, kind and assuring that she guided me through every contraction and gave me confidence and strength to keep going and keep smiling as things got tougher during the day.

She supported us every minute of the day… using massage to help the contractions along, running me a warm bath, giving me ice to chew on, teaching me visualisation and other aids to deal with the pain, and setting the room up to feel homely and cozy.

My husband really appreciated the fact that he could take a break to get home and feed the dogs without leaving me alone.

In the end, we had to have an emergency caesarean and we asked that she be allowed to join us in the theatre. At this point, I was a little tearful (a bit scared and exhausted after the long day), but she reassured us with thoughts of meeting our precious little boy. She also took lots of photos and a video clip of the birth, so that my husband could focus on being with me. Then, when they took Nikolas to be weighed and Apgar tests, my husband was with our son, and she stayed with me, talking me through what was happening, while the doctors stitched me up, so that I wasn’t left alone during those few seconds.  

We are so happy that she was with us. We have lovely memories of that day….. a peaceful, exciting day, with a few good laughs!

She also visited us after the birth which was special.

We would recommend her to any of our friends and if we are ever blessed with another miracle child, there is no question that we’d like to have her with us again. 🙂


Sweet little baby boy, Nikolas.

Keryn Tsimitakopoulos, Kingsbury Hospital