Sam Futcher
Baby Olivia born  in October, 2016
Place of Birth: Vincent Pallotti Hospital

Sam and Baby Olivia meet for the first time as proud dad Matt looks on 🙂

A friend had recommended using the services of a doula for our birth. We had not given this too much thought but went to meet with Charlene and decided to go for it…..and boy am I glad we did!!  Im now of the opinion that it is savage to go through normal labour without the service of a doula!

Charlene is one of those people you don’t come across too often in life – she is kind, considerate and has an enormous generosity of spirit – she does not stop giving!

Matthew provides loving support to Sam and her belly.

We immediately trusted her to be part of this very private moment and she handled some of our very dark moments with the utmost of care and sensitivity.

Charlene was incredibly attentive to our needs…I received countless massages and not once did she wince – through my lengthly (to say the least) labour!!

We really had the A team at the birth of our daughter and I cannot thank Charlene enough for being part of it.

First magical moments for Matthew cradling Olivia skin to skin.


Matthew Futcher, father of Olivia 
‘My wife and I decided to bring Doula Charlene into our birth plan after we heard a great review of her support services. We met with Charlene and instantly felt reassured and in safe hands. We didn’t even see any other Doula’s and booked Charlene immediately.My wife had a particularly long labor; we had reached almost 41 weeks and the doctor had started the induction process.  Hours passed with little or no sign of the baby showing up. During these hours my wife’s contractions were becoming more and more painful. Charlene showed me ways to soothe her and feel like I was playing more of a part in the whole process.
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Creating a relaxed, safe space at the hospital.

Charlene set up the labor room with essential oils, subtle lighting and meditation music so that it felt calm and tranquil, not bright and anxious. She ran baths for my wife and seemed to be administering a calming massage every few minutes! This is what I found truly wonderful about Charlene: Nothing was too much. She stayed with us for hour after hour until my daughter, Olivia, was born. She even stayed with us for a few hours after the birth to ensure Olivia was latching correctly and showed me how to have skin on skin cuddles with Olivia. We had a wonderful birth experience and I put that down to having Charlene join us. She is one of the most selfless people I have met and she will empower you (Mum & Dad!) to experience child birth as it should be: An incredible shared experience that will stay with you forever.’

Beautiful smile from baby Olivia 🙂

Sam Futcher, Vincent Pallotti Hospital