hypnobirthing done by doula

Hypnobirthing done by doula is a gentle and positive way to prepare for your birth. The movements and sounds you make help your child come out into the world, ready for life! We make it hypnosis. Hypnobirthing is about trusting your body’s ability to give birth, with the support of a trained professional to guide you on this journey.

Hypnobirthing is a technique to practice deep relaxation and childbirth preparation that helps women control their pregnancy, labor and birth experience. Hypnobirthing teaches you how to work with your body instead of against it. This can help you achieve a calm and tranquil state of mind, as well as strengthen your body’s natural ability to give birth naturally and without medication (also known as an empowering birth).

I offer the hypnobirthing course in a relaxed and reassuring environment, with lots of support and information to help you look after both you and your baby during labour. I tailor each session to suit individual needs, taking into account any previous birth experience or complications. Hypnobirthing uses relaxation techniques, visualisation and positive affirmations throughout pregnancy and labour to prepare for the stages ahead. The class is suitable for women who would prefer not to have an epidural or for those expecting a natural birth.”


hypnobirthing doula assisting at a birth


Doulas are trained to provide childbirth education and support, but they can also offer you skilled help in relaxing and preparing for your birth. A doula is a professional labor companion who will be with you during the entire birthing process. hypnobirthing done by doula

I help you understand the birthing process and prepare for it. We will practice your breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques so that you feel calm, relaxed and prepared throughout the labor experience. I will help you become aware of the way your body is working through each stage of labor so that you can give birth according to your own natural birth

hypnobirthing done by doula