Nooraan Khatib
Baby Hud Geyer born on 29 December 2015, weighing 2.77kg.
Place of Birth: Cape Town Medi Clinic

Nooraan meets Hud for the first time 🙂

Charlene was introduced to us at an ante-natal class and her calm personality instantly caught my attention. I had a fairly uncomplicated pregnancy up until the 36th week where I developed a low risk case of hypertension. My gynaecologist had a mind-set of taking my baby out at 38 weeks. I was adamant that this is not what I wanted. Given the fact that it was low risk and I did not have all the high risk factors associated with hypertension, i.e. No protein in urine, no swollen feet, no blurred vision etc. Charlene supported my decision 110%, she did not force any decision upon me, instead provided me with information and much needed support.

On 38 weeks 5 days my water broke at 3:30am, not the typical movie depiction of water breaking in one swift gush, but squirts throughout the day. I called Charlene and she guided me through what I should do. We were in contact throughout the day. I was admitted at 14:30 that day at only 2cm dilated, but my contractions only started at about 18:00 that evening. By 21:00 the stand in gynaecologist (mine was on holiday) suggested a bit of medication to help regulate the cramps. Charlene arrived later the eve upon my request. She dimmed the lights, set up some scented candles and the room instantly felt more homely. She suggested I get some rest for the tough day ahead. Charlene spent the night at hospital with me.

The next morning the gynaecologist offered an epidural, but first suggested I spend some time with Charlene trying ways to help the labour along. Wow was she awesome at helping with the contractions. My husband was truly in awe of the way she helped and supported me throughout the pain. He was totally lost and admitted that had it not been for Charlene he would not have known what to do to help. The methods used to alleviate the pain during contractions were amazing. I would describe it as a “drug to numb the pain” without actually taking any drugs. I walked up and down the hospital and parking lot while she assisted with contractions. I even took a warm bath and enjoyed a foot massage!

Parkinglot massage… a new modality! 🙂

By 11am I had dilated 5cm and given that the baby had to be delivered within about 24 hours or be prone to infection, I opted for the epidural. I dilated about a 1cm each hour and by 16:51 welcomed our beautiful little boy, Hud.

Hello world…

I was so grateful for having Charlene with me throughout the entire labour and birth experience, I could not be more thankful. My husband, who was fairly indifferent when I suggested a doula, will surely be calling Charlene for baby number 2 before I do ;)!

Nooraan Khatib, Cape Town Mediclinic