Gwyneth Daniel
Baby Samuela born on 22 April 2015, weighing 2.96kg.
Place of Birth: Vincent Pallotti Hospital 


Baby Samuela and Gwyn meet for the first time, skin to skin ❤

Without the care, love, support, friendship, know-how and skills of Charlene my VBAC birth would not have happened.

The birth of our daughter Samuela was more than just a successful VBAC, it was also a failed scheduled C-section. A rare event indeed!

After having a C-Section medically prescribed, it seemed fait accompli. But it was her sure and steady presence, accompanied by Doula Janine Doerheit, which calmly guided the powerful arc of the birthing journey back to me and my body and my soon to be born baby.

Charlene – You helped me move full-circle from the scars of a very traumatic 1st birth, through to healing and happiness in a second birth.

For this and so much more I owe you an exceedingly large debt of gratitude. Thank you deeply.

I cannot recommend Charlene highly enough…

Gwyn Platter, Vincent Pallotti Hospital