Tiphaine Alston
Place of birth: Vincent Pallotti Hospital
Birth Date: Lucian, born 31/ 12/ 2014, weighing 3.79kgs

Tiphaine AlstonBoth my husband and I found the Relax Into Birth course presented by Charlene to be very informative. We particuliarly enjoyed the pro natural stance of the course as it was extremely important to me to have a natural, non-medicated birth.

Charlene’s manner is very gentle, yet she effectively prepared us for the birthing experience, ensuring that we had techniques such as visualisation and mantras to repeat, which helped me through the process, as well as educating us on breastfeeding.

Charlene was also our doula and her assistance here was invaluable. She helped keep me calm and as comfortable as possible through my labour and also supported and encouraged me with my desire to have a drug free birth. My husband found it extremely useful to have Charlene’s help because she is so experienced and knew exactly how to help me, even when I was not able to communicate myself. Charlene’s calming yet firm manner was perfect here.

The pre and post birth sessions with Charlene were also great, in particular the post birth session, as it was fantastic to be able to talk about my birth experience with someone who was there and has seen so many other births. I would definitely recommend Charlene’s services as a doula to anyone, and I will be signing her up as soon as I’m pregnant with my second!

Tiphaine Alston, Vincent Pallotti Hospital