Melanie Motherwell, Vincent Pallotti Hospital

Melanie Motherwell
Baby Reid Kerry Motherwell, born at Vincent Pallotti hospital, 14 may 2016
Birth weight 3.1kg

After having a birthing experience with my first born that did not go as I had planned, it was my intention to do as much as possible to have a positive one the second time around. Although my first born was natural, I ended up with an epidural and a very long, terrifying labour. I had heard about hypnobirthing but attended only an antenatal class and thought that would suffice…

So, when I found out I was pregnant second time around, I starting asking friends for advice on hypnobirthing courses. Relax into Birth came recommended and when I read up about the Doula service it only made sense. Then, the fact that Charlene was known at Vincent Pallotti sealed the deal for us, as I had had a good experience with the staff there first time around (plus my gynae is there) and planned to have my second birth there as well. So… we joined Charlene for her Relax Into Birth hypnobirthing course, and really liked her relaxed way so asked her straight after if she would be our Doula! Everything she taught in the course made perfect sense… listening to the recordings post course was like a meditation every day, and I truly believe that is what got me through my labour with Reid.

It started around 2am on a Saturday, so I had to go back to bed and try to relax until morning, knowing I would need to find someone else to take my four year old to his friends birthday party that day! I put my earphones in and listened to my “deep relaxation” track (I couldn’t really sleep again with surges coming every now and then) and before I knew it, it was daylight. My hubby shipped Jasper off to granny, and it was so weird because everything inbetween each surge was just like a usual Saturday morning. The first time I ever laboured, it was all a hype and I was tense and focusing only on the fact that I needed to have this baby, like a stress! This time, everything was like normal, except for during a surge when I needed to breathe. So my husband and I had breakfast, watched series like crazy, took the dogs for a walk up the mountain…. The whole day I kept thinking the labour was not progressing because I was so calm! I was sure that I was nowhere near dilated enough and didn’t want to make the trip to the hospital, for fear of not being far enough…. The day was wonderful in that Craig and I spent some quality time alone before number two arrived, and toward 4pm in the afternoon the surges got closer together so we though we best phone Charlene!

Well, as soon as I heard her voice on the phone my entire body relaxed! It was like a breath of air over me, as I was at the point where I thought I couldn’t take it any more….. She talked me through a surge over the phone and suggested instead of coming to my house, she would meet me at the hospital. When we got to Vincent Pallotti Charlene was literally right behind us, and walked me to the birthing room with surges now coming like clock work. I was so worried I would not be far enough but when the midwife checked, I was 9cm! Charlene had started running a bath as she knew I wanted to birth in the water, but Reid came so fast we didn’t even get in the water. I got the hospital just before 6:30pm and Reid was born 7:01!!

It was perfect. I could not have had it any other way; completely drug free and about 3-hours of active labour only…… I am convinced that the course, and relaxation and visualisation recordings received are what got me through on the day. Without a doubt. Mostly I listened when I went to bed so often fell asleep – but clearly it still works on your subconscious so when you listen again whilst you are labouring, your body just relaxes without even realising it. It has since left me feeling totally empowered, thankful, and I could have like 10 more babies!! Charlene is wonderfully calm and positive, about everything! If I’m ever brave enough to go for a third she will definitely be by my side…..