Lizzy Jahncke
Baby Sebastiaan born at Vincent Pallotti Hosptial on 15-06-2016

When I fell pregnant for the second time, I was sure of two things: I wanted a vaginal birth after c-section(VBAC) and a doula.

Meeting a doula is a lot like meeting a potential friend for the first time — right away you know if this is a good fit, if this relationship will work.

Charlene listened and put me at ease with her kind and attentive demeanor and (important to me) her humor. I left our first meeting thinking, yes, this will work.

My son was breech and although we tried various methods to turn him, he wouldn’t budge.

I remember driving home from my doctor’s appointment after the C-section had been booked and crying, upset that the VBAC I so badly wanted would most likely not happen.

Charlene was so supportive and helped me to see that try as we might to change the outcome, it is ultimately the baby that chooses its birth.

I’ll be honest, once I knew I was having a C-section, I thought, do I need a doula?

The answer was a resounding yes. The sense of calm and peace that I felt throughout my son’s birth day was due to Charlene’s presence before, during and after the birth.

I never thought that a C section could be a good experience. Charlene changed that for me and for that I am forever grateful.



Lizzy Jahncke, Vincent Pallotti Hospital