Place of Birth: Cape Town Mediclinic
Birth date:  April 16, 2014lotus

I only found Charlene very shortly before the birth and we didn’t have time to do much preparation.I wasn’t even sure I needed a Doula, but there she was! I went into labour soon after our first meeting. She was already at the hospital, busy in the ward next door and once the labour got hectic I was really glad to have her right there with me.

I don’t think I’d managed to give natural birth without any pain killers without her support and sweet face to look at.

My husband at first was not sure if we needed a doula, but then he was very happy to have had her there in the end. It gave him some space and relief, especially when she took over once it got more intense. It was nice that we had time for ourselves in the early stages, but later it was really good to have someone who knew exactly what she was doing and had experience of labour and birth.

Britta, Cape Town Mediclinic