Michelle Renée Stevens
Baby Benjamin born on 15 of February 2017 at Vincent Pallotti Hospital

img_2183Here is Michelle Renée Stevens’s Birth Story… I so appreciate that it took a year to write it… If you are planning a VBAC, check out her blogs on the topic. She will always stay in my heart… Her second birth was a triumphant one – where she birthed in her way – where she felt empowered, strong and supported…

“Almost a year ago I had my beautiful, healing and empowering VBAC. Although I did write it at the time, I never shared my birth story until now because I wanted to let it settle before sharing. So here it is:http://athingofbeauty.co.za/my-second-birth-experience-vbac/ Thank you to everyone on this group for equipping me with the knowledge needed to achieve my VBAC and to my birth angel Doula Charlene Yared West from Relax Into Birth. If you are considering hiring a doula just do it!”

Michelle Renée Stevens, Vincent Pallotti Hospital