Cape Town Doula

This video about support in labour is a sneak preview and excerpted from my online course, Relax Into Birth.


Research shows that as your Doula,
I can help to:

Decrease the length of your labour by 25%.
Lower the possibility of the caesarean birth rate by 50%.
Reduce your need for medication by 30%.
Reduce your need for epidural by 60%.
Reduce the need for instrumental delivery by 40%.
Decrease the need for synthetic oxytocin by 40%.

In addition, I can help you prepare for a more comfortable birth experience using the relaxation techniques from the Relax Into Birth course.

Why hire Charlene as your doula?

  • Check out Mother City Doulas for how I work in a team of on-call birth support.
  • I  am a Women Offering Mothers Birth Support (WOMBS) doula
  • I  have experience of home and hospital births,  as well as natural and caesarean births in private and government hospitals. I attend natural and Caesarean births as a doula.
  • I help prepare women for Caesarean births using a Relax Into Birth Caesarean Relaxation Soundtrack.
  • I  provide non-medical, continuous, uninterrupted, emotional and physical support
    to the woman and her partner for the duration of her labour, birth and postnatal period.
  • I  offer reassurance, information, natural pain relief methods, homeopathy,
    Relax into Birth hypnobirthing, deep relaxation, aromatherapy and massage.
  • I  offer one-on-one pregnancy, birth and postnatal support, sharing relaxation
    techniques, visualisations, coping strategies and holistic pregnancy and postnatal massage.
  • I  help to instil new and positive beliefs around labour and birth to increase confidence.
  • I help you to prepare for birth no matter what turn it takes, free from fear.
  • I  assist with breastfeeding support, adjusting to life with your newborn
    and dealing with the demands of being a good parent and partner.
  • I  can assist you with postnatal depression and taking care of your emotional state.

What will a doula do for me?

The presence of a doula has shown to increase positive feelings about the birth experience for both the mother and her partner. A doula will never usurp the role of the father / partner, but rather work together as a team of continuous support for the labouring mother. Doulas are becoming increasingly visible and important on labour wards because of their positive effect on all who are involved in the birth process.


Personalised Packages created upon request:
  • Free doula consultations are offered if you have completed the Relax into Birth programme.
  • If you do not use my doula services there will be a R350 fee for the consult, otherwise there is no charge.
  • To find out more please contact me. 

“If a doula were a drug,
it would be unethical not to use it.”

– Dr John H Kennell