Aishah Omar-Adams
Place of Birth: Vincent Pallotti Hospital
Successful VBAC on 17/04/2015 to baby boy Zidane Adams


Aishah and baby Zidane bond after her successful VBAC.

We had a scheduled cesarean birth with our first born due to placenta previa so I really wanted to do everything in my power to try for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) with our second.

I believe Charlene’s classes helped me prepare mentally by making me impervious to fear and doubt. She has a wonderful calming energy about her and helped explain to my husband why women need a quiet and relaxed environment in which to birth.

One thing that resonated with me was the difference between being completely relaxed and someone telling u to relax. Charlene is able to demonstrate this and explains that it is the power of the mind.

I listened to her CD’s everyday such that during labour I heard her voice in my head the entire time, soothing and reassuring me. In the haze of tiredness and cat-cows I kept hearing Charlene’s voice in my head “my face, my jaw, my pelvic floor…relax… open…open…like a beautiful lotus flower” repeating itself as if I were listening to my cd in that dark delivery room, only vaguely aware of Sameer and Angela’s presence by the occasional word of reassurance and back rubs. We were able to progress fairly quickly during labour and got my dream birth. What a sense of achievement and an unforgettable healing experience!!

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Sam; proud dad of two babies.


Aishah Omar-Adams, Vincent Pallotti Hospital