Megan Taljaard
Baby Annabel born at Vincent Pallotti Hospital on 15-03-2016

I had the most wonderful natural birth experience and having Charlene as our doula and our midwife, Glynnis, there was what made it all possible. Charlene was so encouraging throughout my whole pregnancy and my husband and I feel as though she was a vital part of ensuring that the whole birth experience and atmosphere was as calm and relaxing as it could possibly be. Charlene’s reassuring presence helped me feel safe and secure, not turning to any pain relief or losing concentration throughout the whole process.

We felt as though everything we were doing was right and natural. It was very important to me to have Charlene there to support me but my husband feels the same way – she was there to support us both. My husband felt less pressure to make hectic decisions and try to discern whether or not what I was going through was normal – he was able to enjoy the whole experience much more with Charlene guiding us.

Charlene brought such a gentle, loving and encouraging feeling while I was labouring and I ended up giving birth naturally to our precious Annabel just 3 hours and 45 minutes after arriving at the hospital. We are eternally grateful for her presence at Annabel’s birth.”


Megan Taljaard, Vincent Pallotti Hospital