hypnobirthing done by doula

You may have heard about hypnobirthing, but what does it actually involve? And what role does a doula play in a hypnobirthing birth?

Hypnobirthing is an evidence-based, natural birthing method that uses hypnosis, breathing and relaxation to help mothers achieve the physiological state necessary for birth to occur without pain or stress. It removes the worry of birth and replaces it with confidence, trust and peace.

hypnobirthing is a tried and tested technique for pain-free childbirth. Our hypnobirthing course is run by trained hypnobirthing teachers who are Doulas and Birth Educators, who will teach you the techniques to use once you are at home.

With Hypnobirthing, you will feel empowered and confident as your body prepares for your birth. You’ll learn the simple, safe practices that have helped thousands of women relax, gain confidence and feel empowered during childbirth.

hypnobirthing done by doula


Doulas are professional trained for birthing and have experience with hypo birthing techniques. The doula will help the mom in labor to use a range of relaxation techniques during early labor that aim to reduce pain and anxiety. The goal is one of making labor more manageable so that the mother can focus on the process, rather than being distracted by fear or pain.

A doula is a non-medical professional who supports families before and during childbirth. They come with many years of experience, having worked with many different birth experiences and have an unparalleled understanding of this experience. This creates a safe environment where you can explore the different options available to you, without fear or judgement

Our doula will work with you to calm your fears and answer any questions you may have during pregnancy. She will support you through each stage of labor, from the start of contractions to pushing, as well as post-birth. Our doula’s role does not change whether or not your plan for pain relief involves medication or other means.