Mother City Doulas

Meet this amazing back-up team of doulas. Mother City Doulas are a small team of five talented Labour, Birth and Postnatal Cape Town Doulas with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do-ula and we do it with passion. If I cannot be present at your birth, one of us will be able to be there. We do not use back-up very often at all, but life happens – and it helps mothers to know who my back-up support is. We all work in similar ways and hold the space for mothers in the same way. We are highly recommended by Cape Town Independent Midwives and Obstetricians/Gynaecologists alike.

Charlene Yared West

Charlene Yared West *Bachelor of Journalism, Rhodes University *Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy, Essex Institute *Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator + *WOMBS Doula

“Working as a full-time doula for eight years and creating the Relax Into Birth online course, has given me a very practical perspective on birth. My aim at every birth is to mirror exactly what the mother needs in any given situation, so that the experience she has is a positive one,” she says.

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Gayle Friedman

WOMBS Birth and Postpartum Doula. WOMBS Chairlady (working towards creating an established, united Doula Profession in SA), Yoga Teacher for pregnancy and Moms with babies. Belly to Birth preparation Classes. Aromatherapist, Reflexologist (Member Allied Health Professions Council of SA.)
Baby Massage.

“My calling to caring for new born babies has been inside me since I was a child, I myself had three gentle strong homebirths with a Midwife. I have been an active doula since 2007 attending home, private and public hospital births. My role as a Doula is to guide, support, care and reassure mothers to be, and their partners, before birth, during labour and after the birth journey with baby. I use breath, yoga, aromacolour therapy, meridians and elemental visualisation to assist however they choose their birth wish to be,” shes says.

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Nicolette Hadden

BSc (OT), Doula, HBCE, Doula & Birthroom Basics Workshop Facilitator

“Over the past 8 years I have supported around 400 births across hospital and home setting. I am daily in awe of my wonderful vocation – meeting two people and journeying with them to become three. My passion is to empower couples to make informed choices and to facilitate a beautiful birth experience regardless of the way the birth unfolds,” she says.

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Catherine Brown

WOMBS Birth and Postpartum doula and Childbirth Educator

“My support of women during birth is something that feels 100% natural, it’s like a ‘sense’, rather than something I was taught to do. I feel highly sensitive towards and deeply aware of a mother’s needs when giving birth. I can help bring a beautiful sense of calm to the birthing room. I have a non-judgemental approach, gently helping mothers and fathers make informed decisions that are best for them and their family. I help to navigate and prepare them for the ancient path to parenthood.
A women is never more beautiful than when she is giving birth, especially when she can let go and trust that she is being well supported,” she says.

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Nathalie Leblond

B SocSci, Post Grad Diploma in Marketing
WOMBS doula, Mama Nurture Trainee Bereavement Doula, Zoe Project Coach

“I trained as a WOMBS doula in 2012, after my own experience of giving birth. I was fortunate enough to have a midwife-led natural birth, and the experience left me with a deep desire to similarly support and empower other women. I have a ‘day job’ as a content creator and writer, and for the last 3 years have worked as a volunteer doula at the Mowbray Maternity Hospital (through the Zoe Project) where I also train new volunteer birth companions.” says Nathalie. “I take a handful of private clients every year, and have recently started working with the amazing women at Mother City Doulas as a backup. I am training as a Bereavement Doula with Mama Nurture, and run a baby loss support group that meets monthly in Constantia.”

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