Know your options dear mama!

I was when I found out I was pregnant… I wanted a caesarean! I was so terrified of even the thought of birth. Then I educated myself, learnt the Hypnobirthing technique and then had a home waterbirth. I’m now a doula and teach Relax Into Birth and my whole life has changed since the birth of my son… His birth taught me so much; that my body is amazing, that women don’t have to fear birth, that women have options and should know about their options, that because I was now empowered I had to share that with others. Even though birth is the most intense thing you will ever endure – and will push you out of your comfort zone, YOU can do it. It is worth a try…. You never know until you’ve tried. Leave no room for questions or regret afterwards… Choose a Midwife, get a considerate pro-options/pronatural gynae and a doula and then if a Caesar is called at the end of it all you know it was a necessary one. 😘😘