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The power of each surge Flows through me Like water. Washing off my skin, Taking my breath away, Bringing forth life... And Opening me up. Stripping away the layers and layers Of holding back I leave my body Surrendering and merging with my baby's soul Hovering around me. Come my love I say... It's time.… Continue reading Surrender

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Milk matters needs donor milk!

Please help....Milk Matters' donor milk stocks are terribly low and right now they do not have enough milk to pasteurise on Monday to meet their current prescriptions, and nothing yet to pasteurise on Tuesday. They were feeding 46 babies (orders still coming in!) at 11 hospitals on Friday, plus over the weekend, and no reduction… Continue reading Milk matters needs donor milk!

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Meet Christa Bussack

Here I am pictured with Christa Bussack ... a little tired, an hour or two after midnight, but still looking fresh (maybe a bit too optimistic?!) 😀 Even through the early morning hours, Christa maintains her sense of humour and effervescence in the maternity ward. If you have stayed over at Vincent Pallotti, you will know her kind face… Continue reading Meet Christa Bussack