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Healing from incontinence

Urinary incontinence is common in pregnancy and is reported by about 60 percent of women. For these women, the severity of their condition can increase during the course of their pregnancy, especially peaking in the second and third trimesters. Of these women who experience incontinence in pregnancy, 70 percent go on to resolve the condition… Continue reading Healing from incontinence

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The basics of car-seat safety

In 1769, the first steam-powered car was invented, with subsequent improvements as better automobiles were built throughout the years. It took almost 200 years later for the first safety belt to be invented by the mid 19th century. It was only in 1966 that an Act was enforced, requiring all vehicles to comply with certain… Continue reading The basics of car-seat safety

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‘Surrogacy gave us the gift of twins’

Tasha and Wayne McKenzie wanted a baby even before they said their vows on their wedding day. After four years of trying to fall pregnant naturally and after six unsuccessful rounds of IVF, their friend Lee-Ann Laufs said she would be their surrogate. Charlene Yared West sat down with Tasha, Wayne and Lee-Ann to learn… Continue reading ‘Surrogacy gave us the gift of twins’

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Ruwarashe’s Birth Story

Ruwa was nervous at our first meeting. Soft-spoken, she asked about my role as a doula for her birth. I walked with her in pregnancy and birth and when she went into labour, I met her at the hospital. Her birth changed everything. She was shown how powerful her birthing body was and that she… Continue reading Ruwarashe’s Birth Story

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Tamlyn’s Birth Story

What a pleasure to be Tamlyn's birth doula. From the moment I met her quite early in her pregnancy, she embodied a certain positivity and exuded a confidence I rarely saw in a first time pregnant mama. She shares her story of trusting the process for her home birth.I’m a new Mamma, my baby boy… Continue reading Tamlyn’s Birth Story