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Ruwarashe’s Birth Story

Ruwa was nervous at our first meeting. Soft-spoken, she asked about my role as a doula for her birth. I walked with her in pregnancy and birth and when she went into labour, I met her at the hospital. Her birth changed everything. She was shown how powerful her birthing body was and that she… Continue reading Ruwarashe’s Birth Story

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Pip’s Birth Story

Hailing from New Zealand, I had never met Pip in person, but she was referred to the Relax Into Birth Hypnobirthing course by a dear South African friend of hers, who had also completed the course a few years earlier. She was so excited to share her story with me after she had given birth,… Continue reading Pip’s Birth Story

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Tamlyn’s Birth Story

What a pleasure to be Tamlyn's birth doula. From the moment I met her quite early in her pregnancy, she embodied a certain positivity and exuded a confidence I rarely saw in a first time pregnant mama. She shares her story of trusting the process for her home birth, which I loved being at with… Continue reading Tamlyn’s Birth Story

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Petra’s Birth Story

Petra is a very strong mama who I met when she was pregnant with her first baby. Firm and determined, she never gave up all through her two birth experiences. It was lovely getting to know her as a mama also living in the Valley and this is the story of her second birth, where… Continue reading Petra’s Birth Story