Unuka Skincare Range

In 2009, I worked as part of a creative team as the copywriter for Unuka Skincare products. From thoroughly researching each product, to interviewing the creator of the line, copy was written according to specific requirements and creative guidelines. 

What follows is the brochure for the skincare range, featuring product copy and introductory poetry pages. Please click here for more information and further copy examples for this skincare range. 

Enter Basia’s sanctuary,
where the delicate balance of your skin takes precedence.
Free from  harmful substances such as artificial additives and preservatives,
 Unuka and Verdure will
nourish, protect and nurture the skin.
Anti-aging. Regenerating. Youthful.
Working hand-in-hand with Nature,
Basia infuses only the purest plant extracts and essential oils
with Unuka and Verdure,
proven for centuries to assist with the
self-healing capability of your skin.
Unique. True. Beauty.
Unuka, for her.
Verdure, for him.
Created with love by Basia.
 Unuka and Verdure. Nature’s gift to you…

Nature’s essence mysteriously blended in the tranquil peace of the early morning.
The earth’s ultimate gift…Her splendour.  Her truth.
Fresh from her sacred core, the richness and fullness of her garden.
Love and respect for her delicate balance.
Nature’s luminosity harnessed.
Her nourishing kiss, the essence…
Unique. True. Radiance.

Secret blending, mystery, beauty; love infused with refreshing tenderness.
Nature’s fragrant gift of love, drawing you near.
Capturing the earth’s richness and fullness, its rhythms and elements.
Love at the centre of my being…
Unique. True. Balance.

The earth…
I fly to her for balance, revival, regeneration.
Held deep in her heart is the secret to youthfulness.
It’s there I feel the tingle of life. It’s there I take refuge in her leafy arms.
Health is reclaimed and vibrancy restored.
Her beauty enters mine through her gifts.
High vibrational essences made manifest.
Esoteric, enigmatic, living earth…
Unique. True. Healing.
Slip away to a silent, sacred ceremony.
A place to reflect, calm down, be peaceful.
There resides the elusive beloved, her fragrant healing petals quiet and comfort you.
Feel pampered in her sumptuous embrace.
Mystical waves of fragrance transport you far, faraway.
There in the soil, she whispers.
Everyday luxury imbued with the elements of nature…
Unique. True. Experience.

Care for your precious self.
Uplift your spirit into the ether.
Enliven your soul. Close your eyes.
Relax. Rejuvenate. Rebalance.
Here, delight in nature’s healing gifts, picked from the earth’s treasure chest.
Rooted in raw earth, there’s love stored there…
Unique. True. Love.

Copy: Charlene Yared-West, Design: Markus van der Westhuizen, TreeFrog Media, Design & Training

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