Doula dads for the win!

It really is the parents who make this course what it is… One dad at the January course held at Birth Options in Plumstead, shared that one of the exercises we did made him feel more empathy and compassion for what his wife was going to face in labour.

“It made me realise what she might experience and how I can perhaps help her – as best I can,” he said. Dads do not have to be helpless on labour day and that’s why Relax Into Birth provides birth companions aka dads and partners with a toolkit to become doula dads, who feel more at ease in the birth space.

I love seeing lightbulb moments for dads come to life when they suddenly feel more empowered to fully embrace what the experience holds in store.

#relaxintobirth #empoweringbirthsandnewparents #charleneyaredwest

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