Podcast – Episode 1: Caitlyn and Corbin’s Birth Story

Caitlyn shares her birth story… Listen to the podcast above, or watch her tell it below.

Meet Cealyn Gary Goldring Poorter. Born 25 May at 9:59am at 3,13kg. Baby and mommy are doing well and hopefully going home today. Our birth was a whirlwind but what an adventure. I ended up with an unmedicated Natural Vaginal Delivery at 37weeks; what a wild ride!

My waters broke while I was asleep and at 1:15am I awoke to a popping sensation. We monitored the flow of fluids and there was no sign of contractions, so I decided I’d lie down in bed for a while. At around 4am I felt the first surge and from there on it was a crazy beautiful blurr, the storm outside was raging and we began timing the surges – and the next thing I knew it was 6am (I have no idea where time went) and we hopped in the car.

We arrived at emergencies and I was wheeled in. They monitored my contractions, which had advanced pretty intensely and the midwife thought I was already fully dilated. They rushed me up to the delivery rooms and the madness began 😋

We had been tested a week ago for COVID-19, in case baby came early and my tests were negative, but Corbs had somehow come back positive. He was entirely asymptomatic and it was quite a week for me – taking care of everything while he was locked up in isolation. It was not the nicest way to spend our last few days. There was no clear direction on what would happen and honestly we’d expected to let him remain in isolation and re-test in two weeks – and be all clear, but our baba had other plans!

We didn’t know what to do, but I couldn’t drive myself to hospital and my mum wasn’t able to drive in the storm and when the time came to leave, whether or not he had to be in isolation any longer was the last thing on our minds.

Corbs dropped me at emergencies and I didn’t see him again until he was kitted out with PPE, and I was in a lot of pain. I didn’t question if he should be there or not, I was just glad he was. Our doctor arrived and was very upset and immediately took Corbs aside as he should’ve been isolation (she was right I know, but when you’re in that situation and he’s just trying to be there for me – your brain isn’t focused on much! This was all new to us and being in labour is a whole new ball game. I know for one I lost my pants at some point – no idea where or when!)

The Dr rechecked and I’d only dilated to 3cm, but honestly it felt like 20cm and our boy was in a posterior position, which meant, his spine on mine, which meant it could be a longer labour.

The doctor came over and told me she was going to leave as I’d be in labour for about another seven hours. We discussed that I’d use Entonox (nitrous oxide) until the epidural arrived (“if” it arrived). I never imagined it wouldn’t!

And then Cealyn, our baby boy, decided he had other plans. The contractions came fast and hard and within three hours I was fully dilated and seeing the face of the doctor telling me there was no epidural coming, there was no pain relief coming – and that this was it, I had to push! And then the urge to push really kicked in.

Corbs was incredible and he held space for me in the most massive way. I know at the end of the day we could have caused a huge problem at the hospital (because he was COVID-19 positive), even though it was unintentional, but I honestly could not have done it without him. We also had the most incredible midwife who guided me and talked me through it all, telling me to let go now the baby can come (I realised that I could have been holding him back as I had been telling him to stay put for the two weeks of Corbin’s isolation), so hearing that from the midwife gave me permission to let go. The words sank in like hot butter on toast and the next thing I knew, the doctor looked at me sternly, held eye contact and told me to hold my own legs, deep breath in, no sounds, no breathing out put your all into it hold and push! And all I remember next was her saying “Caitlyn, Caitlyn give me your hands here he comes” and there he was, I caught my little bean! Everything and everyone left that room and I was on another planet entirely. My birthing experience was nothing like I’d imagined. There were no dim lights, candles, soft music, there was no gentle aromatherapy oil smells wafting around me while Corbs massaged my back gently and spoke mantras over me. My birth experience felt primal and it was fast! I could hear Charlene’s voice through Corbin, as he kept reminding me of my breath and speaking to me telling me I could let go.

I progressed very quickly, which is unusual for a first time mom, and I truly believe it’s because of the Relax Into Birth Hypobirthing course. I forgot most of everything I learned, but Corbs reminded me when I needed reminding). I guess when the baby’s ready he’s ready! There was this tiny bubble around me and Corbs and it was spectacular. I’d have loved the warm bath or the dim lights, but I wouldn’t change a single thing not for all the world. It was perfect and I’d do it all over again. Hypnobirthing helped me prepare from the inside out – so that the environment became secondary.

For precaution and safety even though I tested negative, I’d been told I was going to be treated as positive and re-tested. This meant we would not leave the birthing room, Corbs would not be allowed to stay and baby’s and my first night together would be without any help. However, I did have Liz, the expectional midwife until 7pm who never left my side. She’s heaven sent and made the entire experience so much more beautiful than it might have ended up. They tested us both, but the results only came back late evening. The good news was that Corbs was negative and so was I.

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