Talk to me about episiotomy & tearing!

In this episode, because we love it – we talk about a natural footling breech twin birth, weekends away in the mountains to recharge and last but not least, we answer a mom’s question about tearing and episiotomies. We cover the full spectrum from what an episiotomy is, when is it necessary to perform one, when tearing is better than an episiotomy, how to avoid one and how to heal up the perineum after birth. Filled with expert tips and advice, we aim to remove your fear from this topic and help you understand what you need to know before you birth your baby!

Resources mentioned in the podcast:
*Check out this link about your role and your doctor’s role in protecting your perineum during birth:
*Read up more about how to use an epi-no – and check out the video on this page:
*Postpartum Perineal care info:
Check out my
@relax_into_birth Insta reel on this very topic:
You can thank me later! Here’s a quick guide and recipes to help heal the perineum for the Postpartum Mama.

💜Spray bottle for the loo:


-100mls Witchazel

-4-5 tablespoons of sea salt or Epsom salts

-1-2 drops or high quality lavender or tea tree essential oil

Spray the area every time you go to the bathroom – to assist the healing process.


A pdsicle is a frozen pad, made for nicks, tears or episiotomy. It is so soothing can help with bruising of the area. It is also helpful for post caesarean birth to place over the dressing.

What you will need:

-A spray/squeezie bottle

-1 cup Raspberry tea

-¼ cup of hammelis (witch hazel)

-3 drops Lavender Essential Oil

-3 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

-A tube of single ingredient aloe vera gel / hammelis gel

-1 to 2 packs of 12 absorbent maternity pads

-A butter knife that you have sterilised in boiling water


1. Make the tea and pour it into your spray/squeezie bottle once cooled.

2. Add the drops of essential oil to the bottle.

3. Lay your pads out, face up on a table on top of a clean towel / linen saver.

4. Spray the solution of tea, witch hazel and oils onto the pads quite thoroughly.

5. Squirt a little of the gel onto the tea-soaked pads and then spread like butter onto each pad.

6. Fold pads in half and place into a clean freezer bag / lunchbox and freeze.

7. Use as desired.

Do not use one pad for an extended period of time. Change as needed.

💜Sushi Noori aka Seaweed: This is an amazing natural product too. Get a pack of sushi noori and

use the sheets individually.

Take one sheet, fold it in half, wet it under water and place on top of

a dry pad. This has immense healing capacity.

💜Soak in a sidz bath of salt or Epsom salts daily until all healed up.

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