Is induction of labour always necessary?

In this episode, we cover the topic of induction as requested by a listener on our Relax Into Birth PLUS mom’s whatsapp group.

“Dear Charlene and Karen. I am 39 weeks tomorrow and this morning at my routine checkup, my doctor recommended that I come in for an induction of labor on Thursday. Part of me is like ‘hell yes, let’s get this baby out pleazzzze’, but there is another part that is wondering whether my baby needs a few more days inside? Is he ready? And actually – am I? I have definitely noticed that I am getting more frequent Braxton Hicks and I am feeling a lot of heaviness in my pelvis, but besides that, not much at all. If I go in on Thursday, I could be home by the weekend with my precious baby boy? Should I go for it? Looking forward to your thoughts on induction. Thanks, Anon”

Is induction of labour always necessary, or is it (sadly) sometimes scheduled out of convenience, fear, impatience or discomfort? Listen in for the ins and outs of this topic, as well as learn about some natural forms of induction that can get the bun in the oven keener to come earth side. If you are keen to join our whatsapp group of preggie mamas, please slide into our DMs and let us know. Also, look out for our Relax Into Birth PLUS online antenatal course, covering extensive Hypnobirthing techniques, as well as the physiological side of labour and birth. See you there!

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