Freebie: Hypnobirthing Breathing Audio

Breath is your best and most accessible tool when it comes to mental preparation and relaxation for birth. Your breath is powerful and can get you out of a fear state (the sympathetic mode) into your birthing state (parasympathetic mode), which can make your labour feel instantaneously more manageable. You want to sink into your limbic centre, where the mind lets go and your body goes into a state of allowing your baby to come down and out. Breath helps to move you from survival mode into birthing mode, gently and effectively. These tracks have been created for your convenience and can be played in pregnancy, during birth and even as a calming visualisation after birth. They are included in the Relax Into Birth Hypnobirthing Online course of prerecorded packaged video, audio and e-book content.

Relax into Birth is the first proudly South African Online Birth Preparation School, of international standard, teaching women and their partners Hypnobirthing techniques and deep relaxation methods for a more comfortable and manageable birth experience at home or at hospital, for natural or caeasarean births.

DO THE COURSE IN YOUR OWN TIME, WHEN YOU WANT TO! Relax Into Birth is the most comprehensive online Hypnobirthing course available and features over 250 minutes of video course content, including a ‘doula in my pocket’ guide for dads / partners and thirteen (and counting!) downloadable audio hypnobirthing tracks and downloadable e-Books. Visit for more info.

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