Episode 3: Frances and Chris’s Birth Story

Dr Frances Straeuli and her husband, Dr Chris Straeuli share their birth story and the tools that helped them on their journey to meeting their baby girl Sienna Ruth. “It was a Saturday morning around 9.30 and I had just finished having some breakfast. As I got up to start my day I felt a small gush of water. Naturally, as every mom who’s ever had their waters break I thought to myself “this is it. I’ve now reached the part of pregnancy where I am incontinent” a few moments after that on my way to the loo, a bigger gush! That’s when I realised (initially feeling relieved that I hadn’t peed my pants, which was quickly taken over by fear) what was actually happening. I had ruptured membranes too early! I was only 34 weeks pregnant.” Keep listening for the rest of their birth story 🙂

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