What’s the difference between a doula and a midwife?

This week Charlene and Karen answer questions about what it means to be a doula and a midwife and how the roles converge and differ. Here’s this week’s letter from a preggie mama working out her options for her birth: Dear Charlene and Karen, I actually found your podcast when I was doing a google search on the difference between a midwife and a doula, so it would be great if you could talk about that in one of your shows. I listened to your episode last week about which gyn to choose, but recently I have been considering working with a midwife. When I posted in the Facebook group I belong to, I had lots of recommendations but many of them were for doulas and now I am a bit confused. Is a doula able to do my prenatal care and deliver my baby? Can I hire a doula instead of a midwife? If I have a midwife will I automatically have a doula? And if I choose to have a hospital birth can I still have my midwife or maybe even my doula with me too? As you can see, I am totally confused and befuddled and hoping you can help me understand. Thanks so much, Annamarie. 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby.

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