What if I want an epidural?

Every week Doula Charlene and Midwife Karen come together to bring you this podcast as an offshoot of the Relax Into Birth PLUS course they created for pregnant and expectant couples. Relax Into Birth PLUS is a comprehensive, online antenatal course, focusing on labour, birth and beyond, featuring extensive hypnobirthing techniques as well as covering the medical aspects of the birthing process.

We always have so much to share and so this podcast was born – and here we share birth stories, birthing world updates, interview birth workers from near and far, and also, we take the time to answer your burning questions around pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

In this episode, Karen and Charlene answer a subscriber’s letter about pain relief and help her differentiate between natural forms of pain relief, as well as medical options available at a hospital birth.

Dear karen and Charlene,
I have just finished Relax Into Birth PLUS – and I loved it by the way, but I have a few questions about pain relief. I have been thinking about about how labour will be – and if i will cope. I have heard that epidurals are amazing for pain relief – but have also heard that they can have an adverse effect on the baby. Is this true? What options do i have for pain relief – and should i opt for an epidural? From the course I learnt about having a doula present to help with natural forms of pain relief. How do they compare to the big guns of epidural and pethedine? What other options do I have? I think i have a high pain threshhold, but my husband thinks I will be begging for an epidural from the get go. I am hoping to prove him wrong – but I also have no idea what to expect. Thanks for your help – and for the course, I learnt so much!
Elle in Cape Town.

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